Olost is an unprecedented start in the history of the Volta a Catalunya, being the first time that the municipality has hosted a stage of the race. Despite having reached the 100th edition, the race continues to explore new venues that had not been protagonists in its route, as it was the case of L'Escala in the last 2022 edition.

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Olost is a welcoming municipality with more than 1100 years of history, with the village of Santa Creu de Jutglar, headquarters of the Lluçanès Consortium, and a privileged natural environment.

The image of the municipality is characterised by the hill, with the hermitage of Sant Adjutori, and also by the two identical bell towers of the church of Santa Maria d'Olost, located in the middle of the village. The town centre, with its narrow streets and some houses from the 16th century, is another of the main attractions of this town, which undoubtedly has its greatest wealth in the way of being and doing of its people.

The municipality has an important commercial fabric, with local shops that produce sausages, beers, bakery and pastry products and cheeses, among others. Many of them have received awards or recognition on more than one occasion. On the other hand, gastronomy is also the main attraction of the village thanks to the Fonda Sala, which has held a Michelin star since 1992. In addition to this and other catering options, the village has a campsite and different rural accommodation. The economy of Olost is completed with different companies and people dedicated to farming and stockbreeding.

Throughout the year, Olost is full of reasons to visit. The Transhumance Fair in Santa Creu de Jutglar on 1 May, the local festivities in August or September, the Shepherd's Cheese and Raw Milk Fair on the first Sunday in October, or the Rocaguinarda Fair after All Saints' Day. This fair was born in 2008 to vindicate the figure of the 18th-century Lluçanès bandit and features performances by more than 100 actors and actresses from the village. Throughout the year, you can visit the Perot Rocaguinarda Space to learn about his life and even do an Escape Room.

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