The 31st edition of the Volta began with several novelties. The incorporation of the newspaper Mundo Deportivo as an official newspaper was a fact, while the first stage was not made from the traditional Montjuïc circuit, but from Sant Esteve de Sesrovires, in the Canals and Noviola cellars.
In addition, the race was disputed in 12 stages, and the participation of 77 riders was recorded. The final triumph was for the Italian Primo Volpi, ahead of Francesc Masip and Manolo Rodríguez.

31st edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Sant Esteve de Sesrovires - Granollers 127km Primo Volpi
2nd stage Granollers – Figueres 135km Miquel Poblet
3rd stage Figueres – Barcelona 140km José Mateo
4th stage Circuit de Montjuïc 46km Bernardo Capó
5th stage Barcelona – Reus 109km Mariano Corrales
6th stage Reus – Tortosa 85km Luis Navarro
7th stage Tortosa – Amposta 121km Jesús Loroño
8th stage Amposta – Valls 105km Sergio Celebrwoski
9th stage Valls – Escaldes (Andorra) 212km Manolo Rodríguez
10th stage Escaldes (Andorra) – Lleida 132km José Escolano
11th stage Lleida – Vilanova i la Geltrú 262km Bernardo Ruiz
12th stage Vilanova i la Geltrú – Barcelona 123km Miquel Poblet

Podium: Primo Volpi / Francesc Masip / Manolo Rodríguez


The 32nd edition marked the first absolute victory in the Volta for the Montcada and Reixach Miquel Poblet cyclist, despite the large foreign participation that was registered. The Volta was held in 10 stages and started again at the Circuit de Montjuic.
Poblet took advantage of his characteristics of sprinter to prevail in three stages and add bonuses that gave him his first Volta, ahead of the Italian Adolfo Grosso and Josep Serra.

32nd edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 46km Miquel Poblet
2nd stage Barcelona – Manresa 62km Pere Sant
3rd stage Manresa – Tarragona 229km Miquel Poblet
4th stage Tarragona – Tortosa 171km Pere Sant
5th stage Tortosa – Valls 139km Isidore De Rijck
6th stage Valls – Ripoll 221km Miquel Poblet
7th stage
Ripoll – Granollers (dos sectors)
7a Ripoll – Tona
7b Tona – Granollers
Jesús Loroño
8th stage Granollers – Vilanova i la Geltrú 80km Antonio Gelabert
9th stage Vilanova i la Geltrú – Berga 226km Josep Vidal
10th stage Berga – Barcelona 156km Isidore De Rijck

Podium: Miquel Poblet / Adolfo Grosso / Josep Serra


The Volta of 1953 was disputed by regional teams, with 60 cyclists representing their territories and with foreign participants from Italy, Germany and Belgium. The victory was for the Valencia cyclist Salvador Botella, who surpassed Francesc Masip and Josep Serra, habitual in the first positions of the Volta.
The GP of the Mountain was won for Federico Martín Bahamontes, while Miquel Poblet added two more stage victories.

33rd edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 46km Miquel Poblet
2nd stage Barcelona – Girona 92km Adolfo Grosso
3rd stage Girona – Granollers 186km Francisco Alomar
4th stage Granollers -Encamp (Andorra) 247km Salvador Botella
5th stage
Encamp – Agramunt (two sectors)
5a Encamp – Organyà
5b Oliana – Agramunt
Josep Serra
Salvador Jarque
Josep Serra
6th stage Agramunt – Lleida 60km Carmelo Morales
7th stage Lleida – Tortosa 188km Jaime Montaña
8th stage Tortosa – Tarragona 100km Miquel Poblet
9th stage Tarragona – Berga 258km Donato Zampini
10th stage Berga – Barcelona 170km Marcel Janssens

Podium: Salvador Botella / Francesc Masip / Josep Serra


The Volta returned in its 34th edition to the commercial teams and gathered up to 94 riders, and the absolute triumph was for the Italian Walter Serena, who took advantage of his great potential as a time trialist to prevail in the general.
Miquel Poblet, third classified and with the colors of the RCDE Espanyol, won 4 stages, the last three consecutively, demonstrating that was an idol for the fans and a stellar cyclist.

34th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 46km Josep Serra
2nd stage Barcelona – Manresa 62km Miguel Bover
3rd stage Manresa – Figueres 234km Albert Sant
4th stage Figueres – Puigcerdà 193km Mariano Corrales
5th stage Puigcerdà – Lleida 194km Juan Bibiloni
6th stage Lleida – Tortosa 188km Miquel Poblet
7th stage Tortosa – Salou 169km Odino Baldarelli
8th stage (TTT) Salou – Reus 40km Walter Serena
9th stage Reus – Sitges 112km Miquel Poblet
10th stage Autòdrom de Terramar (Sitges) 50km Miquel Poblet
11th stage Sitges – Barcelona 120km Miquel Poblet

Podium: Walter Serena / Albert Sant / Miquel Poblet


The Volta of 1955 started in Sabadell, with a 100km stage with a finish at Tibidabo. The absolute winner of this 35th edition was José Gómez de Moral, with great superiority ahead Gabriel Company and Emilio Rodríguez.
Bahamontes, one of the big favorites, won the stage in Barcelona on the last day, and finished in the fifth position on the overall standings.

35th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Sabadell – Barcelona (Tibidabo) 100km Alfredo Esmatges
2nd stage Circuit de Montjuïc 46km Gabriel Company
3rd stage Barcelona – Mataró 100km Vicente Iturat
4th stage Mataró – Perpignan 177km José Mateo
5th stage Perpignan – Escaldes (And) 177km Miguel Pacheco
6th stage Escaldes – Valls (And) 209km Jesús Loroño
7th stage
Valls – Tortosa (en dos sectors)
7a Valls – Vinaròs
7b Vinaròs – Tortosa
Gabriel Company
Miguel Gual
Federico Bahamontes
8th stage Tortosa – Reus 131km Jesús Loroño
9th stage Reus – Vilanova i la Geltrú 112km Salvador Botella
10th stage Autòdrom Terramar (Sitges) 60km Franco Giacchero
11th stage Vilanova i la Geltrú – Barcelona 113km Federico Bahamontes

Podium: José Gómez del Moral / Gabriel Company / Emilio Rodríguez


From September 2nd to 9th, 1956, the Volta celebrated its 36th edition with 82 cyclists. Miquel Poblet, after a year of absence, came back with strength and won up to 3 stages, in an edition in which the victory was for Aniceto Utset, who knew how to hold the first position despite not winning any stage.
The podium was completed by Vicente Itural and Francesc Masip, with Poblet in fourth place.

36th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Sabadell – Barcelona 72km Juan Amor
2nd stage Barcelona – Igualada 70km Miquel Poblet
3rd stage Igualada – Puigcerdà 207km Juan Escolà
4th stage Puigcerdà – Lleida 195km Alfred Tonello
5th stage Lleida – Vinaròs 230km Vicente Iturat
6th stage
Vinaròs – València (two sectors)
6a Vinaròs – La Vall d’Uixó
6b La Vall d’Uixó – València
Salvador Jarque
Salvador Jarquel
Miquel Poblet
7th stage València – Tortosa 190km Gabriel Saura
8th stage Tortosa – Reus 145km Miquel Poblet
9th stage Reus – Barcelona 147km Miquel Poblet

Podium: Aniceto Utset / Vicente Iturat / Francesc Masip


The Volta of 1957, which was played from September 1st to 8th with 10 stages, was presented with a duel between Jesús Loroño and Federico Martín Bahamontes, who had previously given a great show in the Vuelta a España.
The absolute triumph was for Loroño, who dominated with authority a fantastic year and managed to add to his great track record the 37th Volta Ciclista a Catalunya. Bahamontes suffered many mechanical problems and lost all options in the eighth stage.

37th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 48km Miquel Poblet
2nd stage Barcelona – Reus 121km Roger Buchonnet
3rd stage Reus – Vinaròs 160km Willy Schroeders
4th stage Vinaròs – La Vall d’Uixó 115km Joseph Hoevenaers
5th stage ITT Circuit La Vall d’Uixó 40km Jesús Loroño
6th stage La Vall d’Uixó – Tortosa 149km Hilaire Couvreur
7th stage Tortosa – Lleida 186km Gabriel Company
8th stage Lleida – Puigcerdà 186km Salvador Botella
9th stage Puigcerdà – Granollers 169km Santiago Mostajo
10th stage Granollers – Barcelona 122km Miquel Poblet

Podium: Jesús Loroño / Salvador Botella / René Marigil


With 89 cyclists, the Volta Ciclista of 1958, in its 38th edition, saw the first triumph of a Belgian cyclist. The victory was by cyclist Richard Van Genechten, who overtook Gabriel Mas and Aniceto Utset on the final podiumum.
The race was held on the traditional dates of September and Miquel Poblet could add a new stage win in his record.

38th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 48km Juan Bibiloni
2nd stage Barcelona – Reus 119km Fernando Manzaneque
3rd stage Reus – Tortosa 147km Antonio Bertrán
4th stage Tortosa – Lleida 186km Julio San Emeterio
5th stage Lleida – Puigcerdà 166km Vicente Iturat
6th stage Puigcerdà – Girona 158km José Segú
7th stage Girona – Granollers 180km Miquel Poblet
8th stage Granollers – Berga 202km Richard Van Genechten
9th stage Berga – Barcelona 178km Richard Van Genechten

Podium: Richard Van Genechten / Gabriel Mas / Aniceto Utset


The 39th edition of the Volta was from September 6th to 13th with 9 stages through the Catalan territory. Poblet added three more stages to the list, with victories in the first, sixth and final stage, while the absolute triumph was by the Valencian Salvador Botella.
It was the second absolute victory for Botella, who was accompanied to the podiumum by Fernando Manzaneque and José Herrero Berrendero.
Manzaneque i José Herrero Berrendero.

39th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 39km Miquel Poblet
2nd stage Barcelona – Reus 108km José Saura
3rd stage Reus – Tortosa 113km José Saura
4th stage Tortosa – Lleida 186km Giuseppe Dante
5th stage
Lleida – Manresa (dos sectors)
5a Lleida – Vilanova de Bellpuig
5b Vilanova Bellpuig – Manresa
Antonio Karmany
Antonio Karmany
Claude Collete
6th stage Manresa – Palafrugell 206km Miquel Poblet
7th stage Palafrugell – Berga 248km Antonio Karmany
8th stage Berga – Argentona 147km Addo Kazianka
9th stage Argentona – Barcelona 139km Miquel Poblet

Podium: Salvador Botella / Fernando Manzaneque / José Herrero Berrendero


The second absolute victory of Miquel Poblet in the Volta was in 1960. The Montcada and Reixach won eight years later his second Volta, ahead of José Pérez Francés, the great revelation of the race, and Emilio Cruz.
The race was held from September 4th to 11th with 69 cyclists representing teams of commercial brands. This was the opening of the 60’s for the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya with the victory of an idol like Poblet.

40th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage ITT Circuit de Montjuïc 3,8km Antonio Gómez Moral
2nd stage Barcelona – Reus 120km Miquel Poblet
3rd stage
Reus – Tortosa (two sectors)
3a Reus -Falset
3b Falset – Tortosa
Antonio Gómez Moral
Antonio Gómez Moral
4th stage Tortosa – Lleida 186km Miquel Poblet
5th stage Lleida – Puigcerdà 166km Julio Jiménez
6th stage Puigcerdà – Palafrugell 178km Miquel Poblet
7th stage Palafrugell – Manresa 214km Angel Guardiola
8th stage
Monistrol - Sant Feliu de Llobregat (two sectors)
8a Monistrol - Monestir de Montserrat
8b Monestir Montserrat – Sant Feliu
Antonio Karmany
Antonio Karmany
José Segú
9th stage St Feliu Llobregat – Barcelona 148km José Pérez Francés

Podium: Miquel Poblet/ José Pérez Francés / Emilio Cruz


From September 17th to 24th, 1961, the 41st edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, as could be seen in the promotional poster. A special edition with the sponsorship of Wynn's, and in which a total of 70 cyclists participated.
The young Frenchman Henri Duez, of the Peugeot-BP team, surprised the home cyclists and won this Volta that celebrated the 50th anniversary (1911-1961) of life.
Jorge Nicolau and Juan Manuel Menéndez completed the podiumum in the 1961 edition, which go through 9 stages.

41st edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 39km Juan Maria Uribezubia
2nd stage Barcelona – Palafrugell 122km Emilio Cruz
3rd stage
Palafrugell – Girona (dos sectors)
3a Palafrugell – Figueres
3b Figueres – Girona
Salvador Rosa
Emmanuel Busto
4th stage Girona – Puigcerdà 164km Antonio Karmany
5th stage Puigcerdà – Lleida 166km Henri Duez
6th stage Lleida – Tortosa 210km Jaume Alomar
7th stage
Tortosa – Tarragona (dos sectors)
7a Tortosa – Amposta
7b Amposta – Tarragona
Martín Colmenarejo
Martín Colmenarejo
José Segú
8th stage Tarragona – Manresa 135km Julio San Emeterio
9th stage Manresa – Barcelona 155km Ventura Díaz

Podium: Henri Duez / Jorge Nicolau / Juan Manuel Menéndez


The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya went ahead despite the economic difficulties and the 1962 edition, the 42nd of its history, had 81 cyclists ready to give a show on the Catalan roads, with the Italian team Ignis as the only foreigner.
The victory was for the Mallorcan Antoni Karmany, of the KAS, who beat his teammate Manuel Martín Piñera and Ginés Garcia.
A 58km time trial between Girona and Palafrugell, won by Pérez Francés, was decisive for Karmany's victory.

42nd edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 39km Valentín Uriona
2nd stage Barcelona – Tarragona 133km Marcel Ongenae
3rd stage Tarragona – Zaragoza 239km Rino Benedetti
4th stage
Zaragoza – Lleida (dos sectors)
4a Zaragoza – Binéfar
4b Binéfar – Lleida
Ginés García
Ginés García
Miguel Pacheco
5th stage Lleida – Manresa 131km Antonio Karmany
6th stage Manresa – Argentona 182km Julio Jiménez
7th stage Argentona – Banyoles 183km Juan Sánchez
8th stage ITT Girona – Palafrugell 58km José Pérez Francés
9th stage Palafrugell – Barcelona 179km Bruno Mealli

Podium: Antonio Karmany / Manuel Martín Piñera / Ginés García


The 43rd edition of the Volta was for another Frenchman, Joseph Novales, even though he was born in Huesca. The foreign participation was remarkable this time, with Italian, French and Belgian runners, and good national stars like Bahamontes or Perez Francés, in addition of last year winner, Karmany.
Novales, who made a difference of more than 5 minutes to his rivals Angelino Soler and Antonio Suárez, won a stage and defended his leadership from the third stage, finished in Lloret de Mar.

43rd edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Circuit de Montjuïc 39km Jean Graczyk
2nd stage Barcelona – Calella 77km Jean Graczyk
3rd stage Calella – Lloret de Mar 186km Frans Brands
4th stage
Lloret de Mar – Ribes de Freser (dos sectors)
4a Lloret – Sant Feliu de Guíxols
4b Sant Feliu Guíxols – Ribes Freser
Joseph Novales
Margnat - Paloma
Fernando Manzaneque
5th stage Ribes de Freser – Escaldes (Andorra) 120km Antonio Karmany
6th stage La Seu d’Urgell – Tarragona 229km Antonio Bertrán
7th stage Tarragona – Tortosa 143km Jaume Alomar
8th stage
Tortosa – Reus (two sectors)
8a Tortosa – Salou
8b Salou – Reus
Valentín Uriona
Jaume Alomar
Valentín Uriona
9th stage Reus – Barcelona 141km Antón Barrutia

Podium: Joseph Novales / Angelino Soler / Antonio Suárez


The town of Castelldefels was the starting point of the 1964 Volta, with a 69km stage with a final in Barcelona in which the Italian Primo Nardello won the sprint. The 44th edition of the Volta was very open, with 76 riders who took the start.
The Frenchman Joseph Carrara got an advantage over 15 minutes in a flight in the fourth stage and managed his income. The podium was completed by the Italian Pasquale Fabbri and José Maria Errandonea.

44th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Castelldefels – Barcelona 69km Primo Nardello
2nd stage Barcelona – Calella 94km José Pérez Francés
3rd stage Calella – Lloret de Mar 191km Roberto Morales
4th stage
Lloret de Mar - Campelles (two sectors)
4a Lloret – Ribes de Freser
4b Cronoescalada Campelles
Joseph Carrera
Joseph Carrera
Francisco Gabica
5th stage Ribes de Freser – Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra) 114km Jacinto Urrestarazu
6th stage Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra) – Tarragona 229km Winfried Boelke
7th stage Tarragona – Alcanar 186km José Maria Errandonea
8th stage
Alcanar – Salou (two sectors)
8a Alcanar – Salou
8b Salou – Salou
Piet Rentmeester
Piet Rentmeester
Antonio Gómez Moral
9th stage Salou – Barcelona 149km Valentín Uriona

Podium: Joseph Carrara / Pasquale Fabbri / José Maria Errandonea


The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya of 1965 started with a time trial stage in Tortosa, and with the KAS favoritism. 8 stages between September 12th and 19th that gathered 76 cyclists.
The winner of the general classification was Antonio Gómez de Moral, brother of the winner of 1955, José Gómez de Moral. His teammate Carlos Echevarría KAS was second, and the Italian Roberto Poggiali, was third.

45th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage ITT Tortosa – Tortosa 79km Uriona - Gabica
2nd stage Tortosa – Tarragona 149km Remo Stefanoni
3rd stage Tarragona – Lleida 112km Imerio Massignan
4th stage Lleida – Sant Julià de Lòria (Andorra) 150km Joao Roque
5th stage
Andorra – Olot (two sectors)
5a Cronoescalada La Rabassa
5b St Julià Lòria – Olot
Antonio Gómez Moral
Díaz – Gabica – Alves
Roberto Poggiali
6th stage
Olot – Sant Feliu de Guíxols (two sectors)
6a Olot – La Bisbal de l’Empordà
6b La Bisbal – Sant Feliu de Guíxols
Antonio Gómez Moral
Willy Monty
Antonio Gómez Moral
7th stage
Sant Feliu de Guíxols – Castelldefels (two sectors)
Santt Feliu de Guíxols – Vallpineda (Sitges)
Vallpineda (Sitges) – Castelldefels
Willy Monty
Ramon Sáez
8th stage Castelldefels – Barcelona 68km Valentín Uriona

Podium: Antonio Gómez del Moral / Carlos Echevarría / Roberto Poggiali


The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya give a step forward in its 46th edition, especially in foreign participation. Names such as the mythical Jacques Anquetil, Paul Gutty, the Belgian Walter Godefroot and the Swiss Louis Pfenninger, gave prestige to the Catalan race.
The triumph was for the Dutchman Arie Den Hartog, ahead of the French Jaques Anquetil and Paul Gutty.
One of the main protagonists of this edition was the Belgian Godefroot, who won up to 4 stages in a Volta that started in Sabadell.

46th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Sabadell – Barcelona 80km Walter Godefroot
2nd stage Barcelona – Cambrils 114km Walter Godefroot
3rd stage Cambrils – Sant Carles de la Ràpita 131km Anatole Novak
4th stage St Carles de la Ràpita – Tarragona 156km Walter Godefroot
5th stage Tarragona – La Massana (Andorra) 212km Arie Den Hartog
6th stage Escaldes (Andorra) – Cotlliure (França) 196km Julien Stevens
7th stage
Cotlliure (França) – Lloret de Mar (two sectors)
7a Cotlliure – Sant Feliu de Guíxols
7b Santt Feliu de Guíxols – Lloret

Jacques Anquetil
Walter Godefroot
Jacques Anquetil
8th stage Lloret de Mar – Vallpineda (Sitges) 156km Eric Demunster
9th stage Vallpineda (Sitges) – Barcelona 90km Walter Godefroot

Podium: Arie Den Hartog / Jacques Anquetil / Paul Gutty


The 1967 Volta, in its 47th edition, had an illustrious winner. The French Jacques Anquetil, winner of 5 Tours, 2 Giros and a Vuelta, completed his impressive track record with a Volta at the end of his career.
The Frenchman, who represented the BIC team, overcame his rival of the KAS Antonio Gómez de Moral and the Swiss Robert Hagmann in an edition to remember that started with a stage between Tortosa and Terrassa and finished in a stage between L’Estartit and Castelldefels.

47th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Terrassa – Tortosa 205km Willy Vanneste
2nd stage Tortosa – Sant Carles de la Ràpita 104km Daniel Van Rijckeghem
3rd stage Sant Carles de la Ràpita – Tarragona 111km Gregorio San Miguel
4th stage
Tarragona – Manresa (two sectors)
4a Tarragona – Moià
4b Moià – Manresa
Antonio Gómez Moral
Antonio Gómez Moral
Jan Janssen
5th stage

Manresa - Tàrrega (two sectors)

5a Manresa –Barcelona

5b Barcelona -Tàrrega




Daniel Van Rijkeghem

Daniel Van Rijkeghem

Bernard Guyot

6th stage Tàrrega – Camprodon 237km Jan Janssen
7th stage
Camprodon l’Estartit (two sectors)
7a Camprodon – Figueres
7b Figueres – L’Estartit
Jacques Anquetil
Jan Janssen
Jacques Anquetil
8th stage L’Estartit – Castelldefels 180km Daniel Van Rijckeghem

Podium: Jacques Anquetil / Antonio Gómez del Moral / Robert Hagmann


Probably the 48th edition of the Volta is one of the most remembered in its history due to the excellent participation, and the battle between the favourites. Mythical names of cycling like Eddy Merckx, Felice Gimondi and Luis Ocaña disputed the victory.
The Cannibal Eddy Merckx, who during his career won 5 Tours, 5 Giro, 1 Vuelta and was three times World champion, also left his name in the track record of the Volta, when he was only 23 years old.
The podiumum was the following: Eddy Merckx, Felice Gimondi and Giancarlo Ferretti, with Ocaña on the fourth position. One of the best "Volta" in history with a memorable winner. It was held from September 8th to 15th with 62 cyclists.

48th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage Tona – Cambrils 187km Guido Reybrouck
2nd stage Cambrils – Tàrrega 187km Eddy Merckx
3rd stage Tàrrega – Vielha e Mijaran 208km Domingo Perurena
4th stage València d’Aneu – Tremp 82km Dino Zandegu
5th stage Tremp – Vic 210km Gabino Ereñozaga
6th stage
6a Vic – Figueres
6b Figueres – Roses
Roger Swerts
Eddy Mercxk
7th stage Roses – Caldes d’Estrac 177km Francisco Cabica
8th stage Sant Vicenç de Montalt – Barcelona 169km Ramon Mendiburu

Podium: Eddy Merckx / Felice Gimondi / Giancarlo Ferretti


Starting in Figueres, the Volta of 1969 had one of the most exciting editions in history, since Mariano Díaz, of the Fagor team, won by only 8 seconds against Franco Bitossi (Filotex) and 27 seconds over Jesús Manzaneque ( La Casera - Bahamontes), third classified.
An edition without cyclists of as much renown as the previous one, but that was very exciting because of the uncertainty in the final triumph. The course ended in Manresa on September 16th with a stage victory by Italian Bitossi, who won the last two stages consecutively.

49th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage
1a Figueres – Empuriabrava
1b Empuriabrava – Arbúcies
Cipriniano Chemello
Domingo Perurena
2nd stage Arbúcies – Mollet del Vallès 189km Dino Zandegu
3rd stage Mollet del Vallès – Balaguer 171km Alberto Della Torre
4th stage
4a Balaguer – Flix
4b Flix – Amposta
Juan Ma Uribezubia
Cipriano Chemello
5th stage Amposta – Tortosa 175km Flaviano Vicentini
6th stage Tortosa – Barcelona 218km Agustín Tamames
7th stage Barcelona – Sant Hilari de Sacalm 199km Franco Bitossi
8th stage Sant Hilari de Sacalm – Manresa 151km Franco Bitossi

Podium: Mariano Díaz / Franco BItossi / Jesús Manzaneque


The decade of the 70s was inaugurated with the 50th edition of the Volta, the Golden weddings of the Catalan event, the third oldest stage race in the world after the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia. To celebrate this anniversary the Volta had up to 11 stages, with presence throughout the territory (Manresa, Tarragona, Lleida, Vielha e Mijaran, Puigcerdà, Girona, and final in Barcelona, among many other cities).
Franco Bitossi, the Italian who had already finished second in the previous edition, had the honor of winning this Volta. The podiumum was completed by Francisco Galdós and the French Bernard Labourdette., With Luis Ocaña in the tenth position.

50th edition Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1st stage
1a Manresa – Tarragona
1b Tarragona – Tarragona
Franco Bitossi
Bic - Fagor
2nd stage Tarragona – Tortosa 173km Ugo Colombo
3rd stage Tortosa – Lleida 139km Michel Wright
4th stage Lleida – Vielha e Mijaran 225km Vicente López Carril
5th stage Tremp – Puigcerdà 165km Miguel Mari Lasa
6th stage Alp – Girona 185km Manuel Mesa
7th stage
7a Girona – Mollet del Vallès
7b Mollet del Vallès – Mataró
Agustín Tamames
Luis Ocaña
8th stage Mataró – Calafell 170km Marc Sohet
9th stage Segur de Calafell – Barcelona 124km José Manuel Fuente

Podium: Franco Bitossi / Francisco Galdós / Bernard Labourdette

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