The Volta returns to the 7 stages, as at present, by obligation of the Union Cycliste International (UCI). With start in Calafell and final in Sabadell, the 51st edition was the one for Luis Ocaña, who finally inscribed his name to the track record.
Until the last stage, a time trial in Sabadell, Ocaña could not ensure his victory, by 20 seconds over the French Bernard Labourdette and 37 over Domingo Perurena.
Luis Ocaña, winner of the 1973 Tour, is another of the great names that give prestige to the track record of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya.

51a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Calafell – Calafell 19,5km KAS
1a stage Calafell – Tarragona 163km Domingo Perurena
2a stage Tarragona – Manresa 214km Domingo Perurena
3a stage Manresa – Puigcerdà 243km Jean Claude Genty
4a stage Alp – Mollet – Sta Coloma Gramanet 206km Guido Reybrouck
5a stage 5a Sta. Coloma Gramanet – Barcelona 171km Primo Mori
CRI 5b Sabadell – Sabadell 16,5km Luis Ocaña


Catalunya and the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya live good times, and strong sponsors started to promote the Volta. The race enters in its golden years with the same popular support that it had always enjoyed.
The Italian Felice Gimondi was the great winner of this edition, in a tight battle with Gonzalez Linares, who was only at 17 seconds of the victory. In this way, Gimondi got the victory in the Volta in his 4th participation.
The course was held from September 12th to 17th, with 64 cyclists and a notable participation.

52a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Tremp – Tremp 6,7km KAS
1a stage Tremp – Tarragona 211km Domingo Perurena
2a stage
2a Tarragona – Granollers
2b Granollers – S’Agaró
Domingo Perurena
José Antonio G. Linares
3a stage Olot – La Seu d’Urgell 141km Domingo Perurena
4a stage La Seu d’Urgell – Manresa 202km Juan M. Santisteban
5a stage
5a Manresa – Barcelona
5b Badalona – Badalona
Santiago Lazcano
Felice Gimondi

Podium: Felice Gimondi / José Antonio González Linares / Antonio Martos


The 53rd edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya was held in 10 stages from September 12th to 19th, starting in Amposta and ending with a stage between Vielha and Mijaran and Lleida. Despite the participation of figures such as Ocaña, Battaglin or Fuente, the victory was for the Spaniard Domingo Perurena.
Perurena beat Jesus Manzaneque and Antonio Martos, in another very tied edition, since only 6 seconds separated Perurena from Manzaneque.

53a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Amposta – Amposta 4,7km Jesús Manzaneque
1a stage Amposta – Tarragona 164km Domingo Perurena
2a stage Tarragona – Manresa 160km Antonio Martos
3a stage
3a Manresa – Badalona
3b Circuit de Montjuïc
Agustín Tamames
Luis Ocaña
4a stage
4a Badalona – Sant Antoni de Calonge
4b St Ant. Calonge – St. Joan Abadesses
Antonio Menéndez
Wladimiro Panizza
5a stage St. Joan Abadesses – Andorra la Vella 145km Domingo Perurena
6a stage Organyà – Vielha e Mijaran 189km Jesús Manzaneque
7a stage Vielha e Mijaran – Lleida 193km Herman Van Springel

Podium: Domingo Perurena / Jesús Manzaneque / Antonio Martos


The Volta of 1974 had another great winner, the French Bernard Thévenet, who surpassed Andrés Oliva and the winner of the previous year, Domingo Perurena. The race was held in 10 stages from September 4th to 11th, starting in Lleida and ending in Manresa.
A total of 63 cyclists in powerful teams such as the KAS, the Peugeot - BP - Michelin, the BIC or the Casera - Bahamontes took the start in Lleida.

54a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Lleida – Lleida 1,1km José Martins
1a stage Lleida – La Sènia 186km Domingo Perurena
2a stage La Sènia – Cunit 206km Miguel Mari Lasa
3a stage
3a Cunit – Montcada i Reixac
3b Circuit de Montjuïc
Domingo Perurena
José Martins
4a stage Montcada – Alt Mas Nou (Platja d’Aro) 166km Bernard Thévenet
5a stage Platja d’Aro – Campdevànol 158km Jaime Huélamo
6a stage Campdevànol – Andorra la Vella 131km José Pesarrodona
7a stage
7a Organyà – Cardona
7b Cardona – Manresa
Vicente López Carril
Bernard Thevenet

Podium: Bernard Thévenet / Andrés Oliva / Domingo Perurena


The last edition of the Volta with the living dictator had a completely international podiumum: The Italian Fausto Bertoglio won the Vuelta, ahead of the French Michel Laurent and the Portuguese José Martins.
The 55th edition was held from September 3th to 10th, beginning in Santa Coloma de Gramanet and ending in Terrassa.
Domingo Perurena, with three stages won, faced the dominance of the foreigners, who won the remaining stages and capitalized the podiumum.

55a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Circuit urbà Sta. Coloma de Gramenet 2,3km Domingo Perurena
1a stage
1a Sta. Coloma Gramenet – Barcelona
1b Barcelona – Tarragona
Domingo Perurena
Pierino Gavazzi
2a stage Tarragona – Artesa de Segre 158km Eddy Peelman
3a stage Artesa de Segre – Camprodon 208km Pierino Gavazzi
4a stage Camprodon – Le Barcarès (Fr) 156km Eddy Peelman
5a stage Le Barcarès – Alt Mas Nou (Platja Aro) 198km Giovanni Battaglin
6a stage Platja d’Aro – Manresa 174km Domingo Perurena
7a stage
7a Manresa – Martorell
Martorell – Terrassa
Pierino Gavazzi
Fausto Bertoglio

Podium: Fausto Bertoglio / Michel Laurent / Jose Martins


Again, the Volta had foreign prominence with names like Bertoglio, the Portuguese Agostinho or the Belgian De Vlaeminck, but the triumph was for the young Enrique Martínez Heredia, ahead of the Belgian Ronald de Witte and Agustín Tamames.
The 56th Volta was the first without the dictator since 1936 and Catalonia and Spain began to take the first steps towards democracy. From September 3rd to 10th, with 10 stages, the Volta was celebrated with 64 cyclists.

56a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Circuit urbà Amposta 4,7km Roger De Vlaeminck
1a stage Amposta – Almacelles 204km Marino Basso
2a stage Almacelles – Sort 192km Roger de Valeminck
3a stage Oliana – Mollet 155km Ronald de Witte
4a stage
4a Circuit Las Rambles (Barcelona)
4b Mollet – Manresa
Roger De Vlaeminck
Alfredo Chinetti
5a stage Manresa – Alt Mas Nou (Platja d’Aro) 209km José Enrique Cima
6a stage Platja d’Aro – Turó de l’Home 150km José Enrique Cima
7a stage CRI
7a Sant Celoni – Argentona
7b Mataró – Sitges
Fausto Bertoglio
Pierino Gavazzi

Podium: Enrique Martínez Heredia / Ronald de Witte / Agustín Tamames


The Volta of 1977, the one of the 57th edition, had the great novelty in the route: visiting the island of Menorca, in a 4th stage with two sectors: from Ciutadella to Monte Toro and from Es Mercadal to Mahón. A logistical challenge for the organization.
The race came out of Sitges with 64 cyclists, including some big names like the Dutch Joop Zoetemelk, or the Belgians Johan de Muynck and Freddy Maertens. These three names dominated the podiumum, with absolute victory for Maertens, winner also of the Vuelta a España of 1977 and who won in five stages of the Volta. A crushing domain.

57a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Circuit Sitges 4,1km Freddy Maertens
1a stage Sitges – Balaguer 213km Freddy Maertens
2a stage Montgai – Coll de la Botella (And) 151km José Enrique Cima
3a stage
3a Oliana – Manresa
3b Manresa – Barcelona
Eddy Van Haerens
Freddy Maertens
4a stage
4a Ciutadella – Monte Toro
4b Es Mercadal – Maó
Joop Zoetemelk
Freddy Maertens
5a stage Montcada i Reixac – Alt Mas Nou 165km Johan De Muynck
6a stage Platja d’Aro – La Garriga 181km Enrique Mrtz Heredia
7a stage CRI
7a La Garriga – Granollers
7b Granollers – Sitges
Freddy Maertens
Giuseppe Perletto

Podium: Freddy Maertens / Johan De Muynck / Joop Zoetemelk


After many years, the poster of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya of 1978 refers to the sponsorship of the Generalitat de Catalunya, which was re-established during the transition. The 58th edition of the Volta was held from September 7th to 14th.
The great name of this Volta, as was the Belgian Maertens in the previous one, was that of the Italian Francesco Moser, who in an edition with start and finish in Sitges managed to take the Volta of the year 78 with names such as Perurena, Lejarreta, Belda or the Belgian Van Looy.
In addition to the general classification, Moser won up to four stages of the Volta, demonstrating its superiority.

58a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Circuit Sitges 4,1km Francesco Moser
1a stage Sitges – L’Espluga de Francolí 173,6km Francesco Moser
2a stage L’Espluga de Francolí – Guissona 157km Miguel Mari Lasa
3a stage
3a Circuit Les Rambles (Barcelona)
3b Premià de Dalt – Alt Mas Nou
Frans Van Looy
Francesco Moser
4a stage Platja d’Aro – Pardines 149km Antoine Houbrechts
5a stage Ribes de Freser – Coll de Pal (Bagà) 206km Francisco Galdós
6a stage Bagà – Manresa 179km José Manuel García
7a stage
7a El Vendrell – El Vendrell
7b Comarruga (El Vendrell) – Sitges
Phil Edwards

Podium: Francesco Moser / Francisco Galdós / Pedro Torres


For the third year in a row, the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya had as city of departure and at the end of the race the municipality of Sitges, in an edition that was remembered in history because the winner had one of the tightest rents in the history of the race, since the Volta was decided only for two seconds.
The small cyclist Vicente Belda had enough with two seconds of margin on Pedro Viladerbó and the French Christian Jourdan, in an edition with other important names like the Italian Giuseppe Saronni or the Belgian Lucien Van Impe.
71 cyclists took part in this Volta so exciting that it was decided in the last time trial between Platja d'Aro and Tossa de Mar.

59a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Circuit Sitges 4,1km Giuseppe Saronni
1a stage Sitges – El Vendrell 183km Pedro Viladerbó
2a stage
2a El Vendrell – Barcelona
2b Premià de Dalt – La Garriga
Ottavio Crepaldi
Giuseppe Saronni
3a stage La Garriga – Manresa 162km José Luis López Cerrón
4a stage Àger – Espot 199km Josef Fuchs
5a stage La Pobla de Segur – Coll de Pal (Bagà) 207km Ricardo Zúñiga
6a stage Bagà – Alt del Mas Nou (Platja d’Aro) 170km Christian Jourdan
7a stage CRI
7a Platja d’Aro – Tossa de Mar
7b Tossa de Mar – Sitges
Lucien Van Impe
Vicente Belda

Podium: Vicente Belda / Pedro Viladerbó / Christian Jourdan


The Volta of 1980, the 60th edition, had a luxury affiche, and not only by the list of cyclists such as Van Impe, Belda, Lejarreta, Van de Velde or Nilssen, but because the official poster was designed by the artist Joan Miró. In addition, La Caixa continued a long relationship as the main sponsor of the race.
With 96 cyclists and 10 stages, the Volta was held from September 3rd to 10th. Finally the victory was for Marino Lejarreta, TEKA team, who won the Dutch Johan Van de Velde and the winner of the previous year Vicente Belda.
Lejarreta's victory was only 34 seconds over Van de Velde, in an edition that started in Sant Carles de la Ràpita and ended in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat.

60a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Sant Carles de la Ràpita 3,2km Juan Fernández
1a stage Sant Carles de la Ràpita – Lleida 182km Johan Van de Velde
2a stage Lleida – L’Espluga de Francolí 178km José Luis López Cerrón
3a stage L’Espluga de Francolí – Mollet 174km Marcel Laurens
4a stage
4a Barcelona – Alt Tibidabo
4b Mollet – Alt del Mas Nou
Johan Van de Velde
Johan Van de Velde
5a stage Girona – Manresa 191km Johan Van de Velde
6a stage Cardona – Llívia 176km Juan Fernández
7a stage CRI
7a Vic – Vic
7b Vic – L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
Henk Lubberding
Jesús Suárez Cueva

Podium: Marino Lejarreta / JOhan Van de Velde / Vicente Belda


The edition number 61 of the Volta finished with surprise, thanks to a breakaway that gave the final victory to a good cyclist like Faustino Rupérez, but who was not favorite among other names like Lejarreta, Belda, Van de Velde or especially Freddy Maertens.
The list of foreign cyclists was still spectacular and proof of this is that except for the stage that Vicente Belda won, the rest of stages were won for foreign cyclists among Belgians, Swiss and Dutch.
Rupérez took a sufficient advantage in the fifth stage to ensure the victory ahead of the Swiss Serge Demierre, his break partner, and Marino Lejarreta who lost a good opportunity to revalidate the Volta of the previous year.

61a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Platja d’Aro 3,8km Daniel Gisiger
1a stage Platja d’Aro – L’Estartit 190km Johan Van de Velde
2a stage
2a Torroella Montgrí – St. Joan Despí
2b Barcelona – Barcelona
Johan Van de Velde
Ad Van Hoek
3a stage Barcelona – Arbúcies 155km Vicente Belda
4a stage Manlleu – Andorra 180km Johan Van de Velde
5a stage Coll de Nargó – Lleida 179km Serge Demierre
6a stage Lleida – Salou 184km Guy Janiszewski
7a stage CRI
7a Vilafranca del Penedès – Vilafranca
7b Vilafranca del Penedès – Manresa
Serge Demierre
Ludo Peeters

Podium: Faustino Rúperez / Serge Demierre / Marino Lejarreta


Starting in Platja d'Aro and ending in Salou, between the 8th and 15th of September the 62nd edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya was celebrated. Despite the presence of renowned cyclists such as Van de Velde, the victory was for Alberto Fernández (TEKA), in an edition with less mountain stages than usual.
The decisive time trial of Cambrils in the first sector of the last stage was for Alberto Fernández, who sentenced the Volta ahead Pedro Muñoz (Zor - Gemeaz) and Julián Gorospe (Reynolds).

62a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Platja d’Aro – Platja d’Aro 3,8km Daniel Gisiger
1a stage Platja d’Aro – Ogassa 177km José Luis Laguía
2a stage
2a Ogassa – Mataró
2b Barcelona – Barcelona
Johan Van de Velde
José Luis Laguía
3a stage Barcelona – Lleida 183km Ludo Peeters
4a stage Lleida – Vielha e Mijaran 199km Angel Ocaña
5a stage El Pont de Suert – Manresa 196km Ismael Lejarreta
6a stage Manresa – Vilanova i la Geltrú 145km Ludo Peeters
7a stage
7a Cambrils – Cambrils
7b Cambrils – Salou
Alberto Fenrández
Patrick Cocquyt

Podium: Alberto Fernandéz / Pedro Muñoz / Julián Gorospe


80 cyclists took the start from Salou in the Volta of 1983, the 63rd in its history, with a less prolific participation of foreigners respecting previous years. With 10 stages, the podiumum was led by José Recio, from Kelme, ahead of Faustino Rupérez and the Swiss Julius Thalmann.
In the fifth position of the general classification Pedro Delgado, "Perico", participated for the first time to the Catalan race. The 1983 Volta finished with a time trial won by Julián Gorospe.

63a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Salou – Salou 3,8km Bert Oosterbosch
1a stage Salou – Amposta 194km Frank Hoste
2a stage Amposta – Lleida 168km Ludo Peeters
3a stage
3a Lleida – Esplugues de Llobregat
3b Barcelona – Barcelona
Frank Hoste
Noel Dejonckheere
4a stage Barcelona – Olot 172km Ludo Peeters
5a stage Olot – Platja d’Aro 159km Gilbert Glaus
6a stage Girona – Manresa 204km José Recio
7a stage
7a Piera – Igualada
7b Igualada – Igualada
Antonio Coll
Julián Gorospe

Podium: José Recio / Faustino Rupérez / Julius Thalmann


The Volta of 1984 had a great protagonist and absolute winner, the Irish Sean Kelly, of the Skil-Reydel-Sem team. The Irishman won in four stages, despite facing a rival who gave everything to win the Volta, Pedro Muñoz, who lost by points because he registered the same time as Kelly.
The fight between the two riders occurred until the last moment at the end of the Volta in Girona, which put the end to a great edition. In the third position of the podiumum finished Ángel Arroyo (Reynolds).

64a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Platja d’Aro 3,8km Jesús Blanco Villar
1a stage Platja d’Aro – Sant Boi de Llobregat 175km Sean Kelly
2a stage Barcelona – Tarragona 192km Alfonso Gutiérrez
3a stage Tarragona – Tàrrega 186km Eddy Van Haerens
4a stage
4a Tàrrega – Barcelona
4b Sant Boi de Llobregat – Manresa
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly
5a stage Manresa -Alt Puigmal (Planoles) 147km Pedro Muñoz
6a stage Planoles – Llançà 179km Serge Demierre
7a stage CRI
7a Llançà – Sant Pere de Roda
7b Llançà – Girona
Sean Kelly
Ronny Van Holden

Podium: Sean Kelly / Pedro Muñoz / Ángel Arroyo


A luxury participation gave rise to the 1985 Volta, in its 65th edition. Sean Kelly, the winner of 1984, the Scottish Robert Millar, the Frenchman Marc Madiot, Julián Gorospe, Álvaro Pino, Vicente Belda, Pedro Delgado ... in short, a very talented race.
From September 4th to 11th in 10 stages a Volta was held with the start in Llançà and the final in Salou. The final podiumum was headed by Millar, by only three seconds against Kelly and 35 over Gorospe, in a very tied Volta.

65a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Llançà – Llançà 3,8km José Recio
1a stage Llançà – Platja d’Aro 157km Alfonso Gutiérrez
2a stage Platja d’Aro – Puigcerdà 192km Sean Kelly
3a stage Puigcerdà – Manresa 187km José Recio
4a stage
4a Manresa – Barcelona
4b Esplugues Ll. – St. Sadurní d’Anoia
Bert Oosterbosch
Steven Rooks
5a stage Barcelona – Lleida 182km Juan Martínez Oliver
6a stage Lleida – Mont Caro (Roquetes) 185km Alirio Chizabas
7a stage CRI
Tortosa – Tortosa
Tortosa – Salou
José Recio
Juan Caldentey

Podium: Robert Millar / Sean Kelly / Julián Gorospe


The 75th anniversary of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya deserved a spectacular edition, and so it was. La Volta arrived for the first time at l'Alguer, the island of Sardinian Catalan-speaking, in an important logistical challenge. That is why this edition had eleven stages, between September 9th and 18th, 1986. The official poster was the work of the artist Antoni Tàpies and the race received the Creu de Sant Jordi from the Generalitat de Catalunya.
In addition, the participation registered great names like Sean Kelly, Laurent Fignon, Pedro Delgado, José Recio, Marino Lejarreta, Pedro Muñoz, Julián Gorospe or Álvaro Pino.
The triumph of this special edition was again for Sean Kelly, with more than a minute and a half of margin on Álvaro Pino and the French Charly Mottet. The mountain of Vallter 2000, important in the current times of the race, decided the Volta along with the Alghero chrono.

66a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg Platja d’Aro – Platja 4,5km Jorg Müller
1a stage Platja d’Aro – Badalona 181km Frank Hoste
2a stage
2a Barcelona – Valls
2b Valls – Salou
Wim Arras
Thierry Marie
3a stage Salou – Lleida 160km Frank Hoste
4a stage Solsona – Vallter 2000 171km Juan Fernández
5a stage
5a Camprodon – Vic
5b Vic – Manresa
Dominique Arnaud
Peio Ruiz Cabestany
6a stage Manresa – L’Hospitalet LL. 136km Fede Etxabe
7a stage CRI L’Alguer – L’Alguer 30km Sean Kelly
8a stage Barcelona – Barcelona 112km Leo Wellens

Podium: Sean Kelly / Álvaro Pino / Charly Mottet


The death of Mariano Cañardo weeks before the Volta marked the 67th edition of the race. It was the farewell to the seven times winner of the Volta, the great hero of the decade of the 30s. The Irishman Sean Kelly was looking for his 3rd Volta, but this time the glory was for Álvaro Pino (BH).
The Galician Pino won over Angel Arroyo and Iñaki Gastón, who accompanied him on the podiumum. To highlight the first participation in the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya of a young Miguel Indurain, with the team Reynolds-Seur, who did not need much time to make his mark on the race.
The Volta of 1987 was held in 10 stages from 9th to 17th September, starting at Sant Sadurní d'Anoia and ending at Platja d'Aro.

67a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

Pròleg St. Sadurní d’Anoia – St. Sadurní d’Anoia 4,8km Sean Kelly
1a stage St. Sadurní d’Anoia – Tortosa 195km Sean Kelly
2a stage Tortosa – Salou 165km Stefan Joho
3a stage Salou – Barcelona 150km Daniele Caroli
4a stage Barcelona – Lleida 183km Maurizio Fondriest
5a stage Tuca Betrem (Vielha) – Baqueira Beret 185km Álvaro Pino
6a stage Tremp – Manresa 173km Jorg Müller
7a stage Manresa – Olot 168km Marino Alonso
8a stage CRI
8a Banyoles – Banyoles
8b Banyoles – Platja d’Aro
Álvaro Pino
Jean Claude Bagot

Podium: Álvaro Pino / Ángel Arroyo / Iñaki Gastón


Indeed, the Volta of 1988 was the first of the three victories of Miguel Indurain in the overall classification of the race. The Navarre won in the 68th edition by only 8 seconds to Laudelino Cubino (BH) and by 44 seconds to Marino Lejarreta.
With only 8 stages, the Volta of 1988 was held from September 2nd to 7th, starting in Salou and finishing in Lleida. Precisely the Tremp time trial, on the last day of competition, was key to the victory of the Navarre.
Indurain, only 24 years old, began to write his story in the Volta. His career has been one of the biggest in the history of cycling, with 5 consecutive Tours and 2 Giro, in addition to numerous victories in other races.

68a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1a stage Salou – Salou 157km Mathieu Hermans
2a stage La Pineda (Salou) -St. Joan Despí 192km Alfonso Gutiérrez
3a stage CRE
3a L’Hospitalet de Ll. – Barcelona
3b Barcelona – Platja d’Aro
Del Tongo - Colnago
Czeslaw Lang
4a stage Platja d’Aro – Manresa 175km Miguel Ángel Iglesias
5a stage Bagà – Super Espot 188km Arsenio González
6a stage CRI
6a Tremp – Tremp
6b Tremp – Lleida
Miguel Indurain
Jacques Hanegraff

Podium: Miguel Indurain / Laudelino Cubino / Marino Lejarreta


The 69th edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya was again very exciting because of the little difference between the first positions. The victory was, nine years after his first absolute victory in the Volta, for Marino Lejarreta (Paternina), ahead of Perico Delgado (Reynolds), who was only 9 seconds away from the absolute triumph.
Delgado, who had achieved his greatest success the previous year by winning the Tour de France and this same 1989 had won the Vuelta a España, could not achieve the victory in the Volta despite its good performance.
The podiumum was completed by Álvaro Pino, while Tony Rominger and Miguel Indurain stayed within the Top-10. The race, from September 2nd to 8th, began in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat and ended in Platja d'Aro.

69a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1a stage L’Hospitalet de Ll. – L’Hospitalet de Ll. 146km Mathieu Hermans
2a stage
2a L’Hospitalet Ll. – Comarruga
2b Comarruga – Comarruga
Thierry Claveyrolat
3a stage El Vendrell – Tàrrega 199km Jean P. Van Poppel
4a stage Tàrrega – Manresa 150km Marino Alonso
5a stage Manresa – Port del Compte 169km Thierry Claveyrolat
6a stage
6a Solsona – Barcelona
6b Barcelona – Cerdanyola del V.
Manuel J. Domínguez
Erik Breukink
7a stage Cerdanyola del V. – Platja d’Aro 189km Nico Emonds

Podium: Marino Lejarreta / Pedro Delgado / Álvaro Pino


The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya reached its 70th edition with the entry in the 90s, in an edition marked by heavy rains that significantly affected the event. Even the third stage between Salou and Tarragona had to be suspended.
Still a vibrant edition of the Volta was lived with a 100% Spanish podiumum, with the victory of Laudelino Cubero (BH - Amaya), accompanied on the podiumum by Marino Lejarreta (ONCE) and Perico Delgado (Banesto).
With the decade of the 90 appeared classic teams of cycling like the ONCE, the Banesto or the KELME. The Volta of the year 90 began in the Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona and ended after 9 stages (from September 7 to 13) in Girona.

70a Volta Ciclista a Catalunya

1a stage Barcelona – Barcelona 168km Malcolm Elliot
2a stage St. Sadurní d’Anoia – Salou 170km Mathieu Hermans
3a stage CRE
3a Salou – Tarragona
3b Tarragona – Lleida
- susp -
Malcolm Elliot
4a stage Lleida – Port del Compte 159km Jesús Montoya
5a stage Port del Compte – Manlleu 170km Iñaki Gastón
6a stage Manlleu – Platja d’Aro 166km Marco Lietti
7a stage 7a Palamós – Palafrugell 29,1km Erik Breukink
7b Palafrugell – Girona 74km Per Pedersen

Podium: Laudelino Cubino / Marino Lejarreta / Pedro Delgado

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