News - 14/11 - 08:49

Manresa to host stage finish in Volta 2020, in the centenary edition

The capital of the Bages has been the scene of the “Volta” in 92 times, over the centenary history of the race. Is the city that has had more presence in the event, after Barcelona. On this occasion, Manresa will live a first pass of the cyclists through the finish line and after, the final arrival.

The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya in its centenary edition will...

News - 13/11 - 10:00

Tarragona will have a start stage in the 100th edition of the “Volta”

The 100th edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya will have a start stage in the city of Tarragona, where the “Volta” does not had a prominent role since 2011.

The Tarragona town hall and the “Volta” organization have agree this new start that will be realized in the “Mediterranean Ring” of the city, in a very special edition that...

News - 25/10 - 10:30

Calella will host the “Grand Départ” of the "Volta" of the 100 editions

The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya in its edition of the centenary will start with a stage with departure and finish in Calella, after the agreement between the municipality and the organization of the race.

Calella will be for the ninth consecutive year will be the “Grand Départ” of the “Volta". The organization of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya and...

News - 22/10 - 10:30

Mataró tindrà una arribada de la Volta Ciclista a Catalunya 38 anys després

The city of Mataró continues with its link with the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya and in this next year 2020, in the 100th edition, it will host an arrival of the “Volta”, 38 years after the last occasion.

After six consecutive years making with a stage start of the Volta, Mataró will host in 2020 an arrival that will be on Saturday, March 28th,...

News - 27/09 - 11:00

La Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, awarded with the Guardó de l’Esport for its international projection

La Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, which will celebrate its centenary of editions next year 2020, was awarded yesterday with the Guardó de l’Esport in recognition of its international projection.

In an event held in Barcelona at the former Estrella Damm Factory, the Secretary General of Sports, Gerard Figueras, and the president of the Catalan Private Sports Foundation,...

News - 25/09 - 11:32

Ripoll tindrà una sortida de la “Volta” 68 anys després

 The town of Ripoll will be one of the great protagonists of the centennial edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, which will take place between March 23rd and 29th, 2020.

The capital of the Ripollès will host a departure of a stage, a fact that did not happen since 1952. 68 years later, the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya will once again have a stage in Ripoll,...

News - 19/07 - 11:00

Vallter 2000 and Port Ainé, the mountain stages of the "Volta" of the centenary

The Volta Ciclista in Catalunya presents new features in the route for its centennial edition, which will take place from March 23rd to 29th, 2020. The ski resorts of Vallter 2000, located in the municipality of Setcases, and the ski resort of Port Ainé, in the municipality of Rialp, will be decisive for the options of the top cyclists.

The spectacle in the mountain...

News - 19/06 - 16:18

Official Dates: The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya will be from March 23th to 29th, 2020

The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya of the centenary has official dates and will be held from 23th to 29th March 2020. The UCI has confirmed to the "Volta" that the race will be the last week of the month of March, as in recent years.

A privileged date within the UCI World Tour calendar, where the main cyclists of the world peloton have an essential meeting on the Catalan roads....

News - 14/06 - 12:17

The "Volta" 2020 begins preparations for the centenary edition

The centenary edition of the Volta Ciclista a Catalunya, on 2020, will be a special and commemorative edition, since only the Tour de France (105 editions) and the Giro d'Italia (102 editions) have reached this number.

After the composition of the city councils resulting from the last municipal elections, the "Volta" will start now to define its route for this 100th edition,...

News - 05/06 - 10:12

La “Volta”, awarded by ACGEP

The Volta Ciclista a Catalunya has been awarded in the category of "Activity, Event or Sports Program" by the Catalan Association of Professional Sports Managers (ACGEP). In an event that took place at the Bellvitge Cultural Center - Gornal de l'Hospitalet de Llobregat and brought together numerous sports leaders managers, the Volta was recognized with this award.


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