Schachmann: “It was so much pain… but I have to pedal until de finish line because otherwise I would regret it tonight”

March 29 th 2019 - 18:27

"I rode pretty this first stages, I tried almost every day to go for victory or good result. I always missed a little bit but today I still felt good so I wanted to try it again. I hoped all the riders were tired from the last 2 stages in the mountain I think it was actually the case.  We had not all good things on our side for the breakaway because we had strong wind all day but still I just have a great and I just went all out last 50 kilometres

I started to believe it at 20 to go but I still knew it’s gonna be a long way. I didn’t know all the last km but then I saw that it was still all up and down so that was pretty well for me. Ended was covered in the city, that’s also good. And that I gonna win I realized last 2 – 3 km to go"

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