Miguel Ángel López: There has been a fight until the end, but we were mentally prepared for the last battle”

March 31 st 2019 - 15:41 [GMT + 2]

Miguel Ángel López, winner of the 99th edition of la Volta Ciclista a Catalunya:

“There has been fight until the end, but the team was mentally prepared for the last battle. Team mates as Zeits and Pello had a lot to give and we have achieved to maintain the control until the end”.

“I’m very happy, very excited because it is my second race won this year and I came from Colombia in a great shape and motivated”.

“The key has been being calmed and quiet. We have come here to ride the race from the start to the end very well, with a team that has been very supportive. Before coming here, I said the manager that we will make a great race”.

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