This 2020 will be the 23nd time that Calella received a departure or arrival stage of the Volta. For the ninth consecutive year it will be the starting point of the race.

19.069 residents

El Maresme


Calella, known as the tourist capital of the Costa del Maresme, is characterized by its cosmopolitan and lively city, with a typical climate of the Mediterranean.

At 50 km from Barcelona and Girona, its geographic location, as well as the communication channels, becomes a key factor in the realization of all kinds of excursions and activities. This makes it an ideal tourist destination.

The configuration of its urban plot, with a large pedestrian and commercial area, as well as the provision of 15 squares, pleasant green areas and a great offer of accommodation (with about 14,000 places in hotels, apartments and campsites), make Calella one of the most important tourist destinations in the country.

An offer of nearly three kilometres in length of beaches and more than 180,000 m2 of golden and clean sand, intensely blue waters, natural areas such as the Dalmau Park, the Manel Puigvert Promenade, Garbí Promenade or The Turrets, make Calella a dynamic, modern and welcoming city that allows visitors to enjoy a destination with its own singularity.

Calella is a city with more than 650 years of history. It has been and is still today a city open to the sea and to the mountain, jealous of its history, a past rich in facts and always open to Catalanity, which has become, over the years, a community that receives new arrivals from a multitude of countries, culturally different, but with a great personal and collective wealth.

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